Pocket Polina (tragic_tea) wrote in musingplace,
Pocket Polina

Welcome everyone!

Welcome everyone! Tis I your moderator tragic_tea. Now that you have read my few simple rules begin posting. I know the scope of topics to be discussed here is pretty large so if you're stuck on trying to think of something to talk about here are some ideas:

1) Found an interesting news article? Seen something striking on TV? Post here with your thoughts.
2) Make a list for example "Top 10 Most Important American Novels" or "Top 10 Alarming Laws of Today" (I personally like the second list.)
3) Read an interesting book? Heard a great album? Seen a good play or exhibit? Tell us about it.
4) Modernism, Romanticism, Surrealism, and other genres are fun to discuss, really!
5) Musing: thinking about the meaning of life, our role in society, the end of the world as we know it? Post it here.
6) Aren't some people just fascinating? Tell us about them.
7) Almost anything else.
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